MONTPELIER, Vt. – A new law in honor of hazing victim Jordan Preavy will require schools to report all hazing incidents to police.

The bill was originally introduced on its own, but ended up folded into the child protection bill that became law Monday.

Preavy committed suicide in 2012. Two years later, five of his former Milton High School football teammates were charged with various acts of hazing, including assaulting Preavy with a broomstick in 2011.

All five have since been convicted.

The law, originally introduced by Rep. Ron Hubert (R-Milton), will requiring mandatory reporters to call police when there is evidence of hazing. Before, schools were allowed to do internal investigations and only report to police when the hazing was considered serious.

“Five years ago, if this had been put in…all of the incidents that happened in Milton would have been reported. I believe an investigation would have been done and it would have put a stop to it. Which I believe means Jordan Preavy would not have committed suicide,” Rep. Hubert said.

The last of the men accused of assaulting Preavy was convicted last month.