There’s a new health care option for residents of rural Lamoille County, where a shared vision of a nurse practitioner and substance-abuse counselor is now a reality in the the town of Johnson.

At a former Subway shop, the Johnson Health Center will offer both general health and addiction services. The impetus for the center came from Caroline Butler, a nurse practitioner, and Dawn Tatro, co-founder of Jenna’s Promise, an organization that supports people struggling with addiction.

It will also be home to Vermont’s first Narcan vending machine, along with easy access to a other care and treatments.

“It’s really hard to find a doctor and a psychiatrist and a counselor that all work together,” Tatro said. “We felt like if we could put something like that together it would be a team.”

Butler says the last time there was a doctor’s office in Johnson was about five years ago. She noted the center will treat substance-use disorders and take care of people that are in either active addiction or recovery. She also noted that Johnson has become a recovery town, and the health center is another piece that brings the town together.

“Jenna’s Promise was created after we lost our daughter to an overdose after six years of struggling and realizing how many gaps there are with housing and workforce development and health care,” Tatro said.

The health center is adding more team members, and the staff is still figuring out their hours. Butler said the health center grows, it’ll be able to add more services.