The University of Vermont Health Network and Community College of Vermont are collaborating on a program to increase the number of pharmacy workers in the state.

The pharmacy technician program offers fully-funded course work through CCV and a full-time position with the University of Vermont Medical Center or Central Vermont Medical Center.

Matt Flint, outpatient pharmacy manager at UVM Medical Center, said there is a shortage of pharmacy technicians, who prepare medications and track inventory.

“Pharmacy technicians are really the backbone of pharmacy,” he said. “We need more people to keep up with the growth so we can continue to provide the same great care that we are expected to provide.”

Tiffany Walker, associate dean of workforce at CCV, said the program, which involves three courses, has attracted more than two dozen applicants who can work and while taking classes.

“And if they can work in the field they are choosing to go into, while they are going to school, they don’t have that break from income which most people can’t take,” she said. 

Course work starts in January.