Montpelier, VT — A Woodstock police sergeant will not be prosecuted for returning fire at a suspect who shot at the officer during a confrontation in which another man was killed.

On June 14, Woodstock Police responded to a shooting at a Slayton Drive residence. Swanson was the first on the scene, where he found Dieter Seier mortally wounded in the driveway

Swanson was attempting to aid Seiter when 45-year-old Jay Wilson came outside and fired at Swanson with a pistol. Swanson, who was grazed in the arm, returned fire while attempting to find cover. Wilson managed to enter his residence without injury.

Another officer arrived on the scene, and he and Swanson attempted to set up a perimeter. A few minutes later, Swanson reports that he heard shots fired inside the residence . Later that day, law enforcement obtained a warrant to enter the residence, where they found Wilson dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

An investigation by Attorney General Susanne Young and Grand Isle County State’s Attorney Douglas DiSabito determined Swanson was justified in shooting at Wilson. They said Swanson had no alternative but to use deadly force deadly force to prevent his own death or serious injury, or that of neighbors standing nearby.

Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish thanked investigators for their work in a statement.

“These kinds of intensive reviews are essential to ensuring a full understanding of the facts and circumstances of cases like these, which is critical to maintaining accountability, transparency and the trust of our community,” Blish said.