Plans Move Forward for New Burlington Bike Path


Bike Path Rehab Moves Forward

By: Rene Thibault

The next step in rehabbing Burlington’s waterfront bike path is underway. City leaders met to discuss a renewed recreation path in the queen city. Ground broke last year on the 1st phase of the bike path rehabilitation and now plans are moving forward.

So many people in this city understand how important the bike path is to the economy of Burlington, to the health and wellness of residents and visitors, and as a transportation corridor up and down our city,” said John Bossange, Director of the Parks Foundation of Burlington.

The goal of the bike path rehab project is to enhance more than just the pavement, the City of Burlington wants to create a “sense of place” on the bike path.

How do we get this done? How do we get this done as quickly as possible and secondly, How do we do it with as limited impact on Burlington taxpayers as possible,” asked Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger.

The answer: $3 million through a city financing option, $1 million from the city budget, and money from the Burlington parks foundation. Bossange stated, “We have quietly passed the half-way point in our campaign, and wish to launch today, as the Mayor has announced, the beginning of our public phase of our goal to raise $1 Million to save our bike path.”

The Burlington parks foundation was created in 2013, to raise money to fully rebuild the bike path. Since then the group has raised more than $500 thousand for the project, thanks to organizations like the University of Vermont Medical Center, and its donation. “It really in our mind now and going forward is the same as making investments in a new cancer program, a new cardiac program, it’s got to be viewed in the same light, that we’re here to do everything we can to facilitate healthy lifestyles and well-being,” said John Brumsted, Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Center.

The path will be re-aligned in some sections, moving it closer to the water, the surface will be re-paved, more signage will be added, and up to 14 “Pause Places” will be added along the path to create more recreation and relaxation options. “If you look around the country, you look around the world, the great bike paths of today have added those components,” added Mayor Weinberger.

City Officials say they will release a complete funding plan this fall, but as Mayor Weinberger stated, the hope and the goal is to avoid hitting tax payers with a future bond issue.

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