Thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across Israel protesting Prime Minister Benjamin Neytanyahu’s plan to assume more power over the country’s judicial system.

The plan’s ramifications are being felt locally, especially with one of the Judaism most important holiday’s on the horizon.

“Passover starts next week, where we celebrate God taking us out of Egypt,” said Rabbi Eliyahu Junik of Chabad of Burlington. “I strongly hope that the holiday will unite everyone even though people have different opinions about this that we can all get together at the same seder and enjoy the holiday together.”

Lauren Snow, a Jewish student at the University of Vermont said she’s worried that the Israeli government’s action will increase antisemitism and create a negative image of Jewish people.

“As an American Jewish person, it is pretty concerning to see how extremist the Israeli government has become recently,” she said.

Netanyahu now says he will delay the judicial legislation until after Passover. Meanwhile, the protests in Israel go on.