Nearly two weeks after Vermonters celebrated the opening of the state’s retail cannabis’ market, businesses say sales are booming.

Nat Williams, general manager of Ceres Collaborative. said his shop saw over 650 people on opening day and have been averaging about 450 customers per day.

“We’ve planned to have a lot of product ready and we’ve done great keeping up with the demand there. But we’ve definitely seen more people than even we were able to plan for,” said

Williams says cannabis flower has been most in demand.

“People are loving the different varieties of flower that we’ve got,” Williams said. “Right behind that, though, is vapes and edibles, and from what I’ve heard, a lot of dispensaries might not has those products yet.” 

The Vermont Cannabis Control Board has approved six more retail licenses in recent days, including the Green State Gardener Dispensary in Burlington, which opened Friday.

Williams says the more competition the better.

“From a consumer standpoint, it is going to minimize the lines that they are waiting in,” he said. “It’s going to increase product variety.” 

Dave Silberman, co-owner of Flora Cannabis in Middlebury, says his shop was slow to roll out some manufactured cannabis products because of the elaborate testing process. He says he’s seeing zabout 100 people a day, after welcoming about 300 for the grand opening.

“We’ve held on to the majority of it, for what I would say, the first two weeks,” he said. “By the end of this past week we started to run low on some products for the first time.”