On Wednesday, Governor Phil Scott announced a new 10-point action plan that will aim to enhance public safety and reduce violence amid safety concerns throughout Vermont. Scott plans to address this framework in more depth in the coming weeks but he aims to reinforce the capacity of law enforcement and prioritize the reduction, prevention, and prosecution of violent crime.

Also outlined in the plan is to prioritize collaboration between the Vermont State Police, local municipalities, and other state departments. Leaders of these agencies will meet weekly to identify specific areas of need.

“It’s about all of us pulling in the same direction, whether it’s the Vermont State Police, whether it’s local PD, whether it’s out sheriffs,” said Scott. “Trying to use this concept to do everything we can to provide a more holistic approach to law enforcement and public safety throughout Vermont.”

Once implemented and enforced, Scott says “this framework will be key to remaining the safest state in the country with a criminal justice system that is fair and equal to all”.