Stowe, VT — The Stowe Mountain Rescue Team helped two people Sunday in separate missions.

Jon Wehse, chief of the Stowe Mountain Rescue, said the first call was for a hiker along the Sterling Pond trail.

“We had a medical event where the hiker could not proceed, so we took a team up from the bottom, and we had our partnership with Cambridge – they went in from the top,” Wehse said. “And we needed to do some medical assistance for the gentleman, and then when he was ready to travel, we put him in our litter and got him out of there.”

The team was also called to assist a woman injured while mountain biking on Haul Road.

“This lady had been traveling a little too fast on a dirt road and skidded out, and she hurt her hip, very seriously,” Wehse said. “So those are very difficult to extract because hips are very painful.”

Wehse said the second call came soon after the incident on Sterling Pind Road. “Two missions in one day is not very common,” he said. “We typically get one or two events like that per year.”

Sunday’s mission were the 37th and 38th rescue calls this year, more than Stowe Mountain Rescue usually gets in a year. Wehse said the increase in calls is “mainly due to COVID.”

About four years ago, we were averaging about 30 to 35 missions per year., he said. “With COVID, the number of people who want to get out more and explore more – we see more people getting lost, more people getting injured.”

The team trains every month for all types of rescue missions.

“Sometimes it’s a new experience for us, so we put our training to good use,” Wehse said.

Stowe Mountain Rescue is preparing for a high volume of calls through the rest of the year.