Stowe continued its winter carnival this past weekend with its 22nd ice carving competition. It was packed crowds at the Alchemist Brewery, where the sculptors put on a show.

“It’s an art form that I never knew existed,” says Elmore resident Gina Spiritiso.

“Stowe is always putting on events like this at the Alchemist and it’s fun to come here with a little bit of music and see the ice sculptures,” says Stowe resident JP Begley. “Kind of amazing to see what they can do.”

The day started with an amateur competition which was followed by a professional competition and a speed round.

Jacob Hughes, 17, took home the Amateur Competition honors. His sculpture featured an eagle flying over mountain peaks.

“I’m amazed at how well the piece came out,” Jacob Hughes said. “I thought it was gonna crash.”

For Jacob Hughes, his love for ice sculpturing comes from his father, Evan, who took home the professional competition honors.

“I love coming to this event,” says Evan Hughes. “The last two years, my piece crashed so it felt good not only that it stood together but the fact that I won.”

The father and son duo dominated the competitions.

“It’s always cool following in your dads’ footsteps and I’m sure he’s proud too,” Jacob Hughes said.

“I’m super proud of him,” Evan Hughes said. “My 17-year-old son… you never know what will happen in the teenage years but I’m super proud of him.”

It’s their love for ice carving that brings the family together.

Organizers of the event say this year brought a higher turnout than year’s past. They hope to continue the event for years to come.