A federal judge has set an October trial date for the Vermont man charged with killing his mother at sea during a 2016 fishing trip off the coast of New England in a scheme to inherit millions of dollars.

Nathan Carman, 29, of Vernon, pleaded not guilty last year to fraud and first-degree murder in the death of his mother, Linda Carman of Middletown, Connecticut. The indictment also accuses him of shooting and killing his wealthy grandfather John Chakalos at his home in Windsor, Connecticut, in 2013, but does not charge him with murder in his death.

U.S. District Court Judge Geoffrey Crawford on Tuesday set the trial for Oct. 2 in Rutland. A federal prosecutor said the government planned to include several different types of expert testimony, including testimony on marine survival and draft analysis. Prosecutors plan to make those disclosures to the court by May 1.

Crawford also heard from lawyers about the defense’s motion for partial disclosure of minutes from the grand jury proceeding that led to Carman’s indictment, seeking to learn what was disclosed about his grandfather’s death.

Carman’s lawyer, David Sullivan, of Connecticut, told the judge that Carman was never charged in Chakalos’ death, but the indictment includes “outright assertions that are very troubling to the defense.” He said the investigation into Chakalos’ death is ongoing and has not been closed.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Van de Graaf said Chakalos’ “murder” is part of the fraud charge.

In September 2016, Carman arranged a fishing trip with his mother, during which prosecutors say he planned to kill her and report that his boat sank and his mother disappeared in the accident.

He was found floating in an inflatable raft eight days after leaving a Rhode Island marina with his mother, who was never found. Prosecutors allege he altered the boat to make it more likely to sink. Carman has denied that allegation.

The judge has blocked off three weeks for the trial, from October 2 to October 20.