A 44-year-old Vermont State Trooper is accused of stealing a $14,000 Rolex and other valuables that had been seized during arrests, court documents show.

Giancarlo DiGenova was placed on paid leave December 19 from the Williston Barracks when the investigation into the alleged theft began. Court documents say DiGenova’s suspension occurred when police were unable to locate several items from the barracks’ temporary evidence storage room.

According to the search warrant, items stolen include Apple earbuds, a gold Rolex men’s watch, keys, a wallet and stud earrings. The affidavit said DiGenova entered the storage room multiple times. The document also states Ben Katz, another trooper at the Williston Barracks, had been shown a similar watch by DiGenova on November 28. DiGenova allegedly told Katz he purchased the watch from an online marketplace.

Two state police detectives interviewed DiGenova about the watch before he was suspended and were allegedly told the watch was purchased through a cousin who lived four hours away. Based on the combination of DiGenova’s statement during the interview and the explanation given to Katz, Vermont State Police suspended him the day of the interview.

A Burlington jewelry store business card was found during a search of DiGenova’s state police vehicle, according to the affidavit. The owner of the jewelry store reportedly said DiGenova came to the store in his work uniform asking for an appraisal for a gold Rolex watch. The store owner estimated the watch to be worth $14,000.

When the court documents were revealed on December 21, the police searched DiGenova’s home for the missing items and seized his personal phone and a pair of earrings.

Defense attorney David Sleigh and DiGenova deny any connections with the missing items.