We’re always discussing about the negative changes and impacts that our climate crisis is having on the world, New England, and Burlington in particular. However, today we’re about to discuss a topic that reflects positively upon the Queen City’s fight against climate change. That topic? The power of trees.

Trees help reduce heat by providing shade and by drawing water up through their roots and releasing it into the air through their leaves. They also clean the air and reduce storm water runoff. For instance, Burlington has avoided 3.7 million gallons of storm water run off simply due to the tree population around town. Those same trees have also resulted in the removal of what is equivalent to 9.8 million tons of carbon dioxide in our own air. Lastly, our heavily wooded park and recreational areas have been able to absorb 347 million pounds of air pollution.

The bottom line here is that trees are our friends and if one has to come down, then it’s important to plant anew. This scientific research proves that battling climate change doesn’t have to be an ugly fight. In fact, adapting to global warming and slowing down the immense about of change can be a beautiful and lush-looking process.