A Fair Haven man was arrested last week for failing to properly secure a firearm that was subsequently stolen and brought onto the grounds of an elementary school by two teenage boys.

Fair Haven police say officers opened an investigation into the gun’s theft from a Main Street residence on October 1. Two days later, police received a report that two teens had the gun while behind a grade school on Cottage Street.

Police said the 13-year-old had been to the Main street residence and had taken the gun. Both boys admitted to their involvement and were arrested and charged with larceny.

Authorities returned the gun to the owner, Joshua G. Krum, 46, who allegedly left the firearm on a shelf, which police said “allowed” the juveniles to steal the weapon.

Kruml was arrested November 2 and issued a citation to appear at Rutland District court on a charge of negligent firearm storage.

A negligent storage provision was a key part of H.230, which Gov. Phil Scott allowed to become law without his signature earlier this year. It requires that firearms be stored securely to prevent unauthorized access by a minor.

The bill, aimed at reducing gun violence and suicide, also created a 72-hour waiting period for firearm sales.