The state of Vermont has opened the door for a limited number of permits allowing hunters to hunt moose, which will be in season this October.

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife has 94 permits available for two hunting periods: 15 for moose archery season, which runs Oct. 1-7; and 79 permits for the 6-day regular season, which opens Oct.

Not every permit applies to every moose. Of the regular season permits, 39 are good for hunting moose regardless of sex, while the other 40 apply only to antlerless moose.

Applications must be submitted online by Wednesday, June 22. Hunters who have entered before are always encouraged to do so again. Each time a hunter enters the lottery, they gain points, increasing their odds over consecutive years. Those points are lost if a hunter misses a year, so those not planning to hunt this year can still apply, and choose the “bonus point only” option when doing so.

Lottery winners will receive a packet in the mail within several days of the drawing. The packet’s contents should be addressed promptly, as it will contain time-sensitive information. Those who do not do so risk having their winning permit forfeited.

Moose and antlerless deer are both subject to lottery periods for hunters in Vermont. The number of permits handed out in a given year depends on the status of moose and deer herds.