Montpelier, VT – In the wake of the unprecedented removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republican leaders in Vermont are voicing their concerns about the potential implications for their party and state.

The day after McCarthy’s ouster, Chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, Paul Dame, expressed his disappointment, saying it distracts lawmakers from addressing pressing national issues.

However, he cited McCarthy’s willingness to collaborate with Democrats in order to keep the government functioning.

In a statement, Dame expressed his concern that prominent Republican figures like Rep. Matt Gaetz, who led the charge to remove McCarthy, do not represent the majority of Republicans in the Green Mountain State. He anticipated that this removal could have far-reaching consequences, especially for Vermont Republicans.

“It makes it harder for Republicans running here in Vermont with Vermont values to address concerns in our community to demonstrate cohesion with Governor Phil Scott,” Dame said.

Dame said Vermont Republicans he has spoken with were critical of Gaetz and other Republicans who voted to remove McCarthy. He said Republicans should work together within the caucus, behind closed doors, to ensure a more cohesive approach.