Burlington, VT — Vermont residents are still reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturns Roe v. Wade, and for some, the ruling that effectively ends federal protection for abortion was heartbreaking.

Carolyn Moore says she had three abortions due to a fatal genetic disorder called Meckel Gruber Syndrome..

“For me when I had an abortion, not only was the pregnancy not viable but should I have continued to carry it?” she said. “There would have potentially been some health implications for me, and so it’s such a difficult, scary, sad decision and so personal, and even though it felt like the right decision for me it was also incredibly challenging and hard.”

With the Supreme Court’s ruling, federal protections are gone, and now sent to the states to decide.

“I felt a mix of sadness and anger,” said Moore. “I’m really mad that people are making these decisions for us that should not be. I’m also feeling really sad, I honestly cried quite a few times.”

Abortion rights are protected in Vermont, and a measure on the statewide ballot in November, Proposal 5, would make Vermont the first state in the country to enshrine the right to abortion in its constitution.

New York has also codified abortion rights into state law.

Mary Hahn Beerworth, the Executive Director of the Vermont Right to Life Committee says Friday’s decision was the right thing to do.

“It’s very important for everyone who is listening to know that abortion is legal in Vermont through all nine months of pregnancy without a single regulation or restriction and leaving an unborn child stripped of any possibility or protection right up until birth,” Beerworth said.

Moore is now a mother of three and wants women and girls like her daughter to have the ability to access the same safe care she had.

“Thinking about the fact that people are not going to be able to have that decision breaks my heart.”