The first snowfall of the season led to poor visibility and slippery roads Wednesday morning.

Stowe resident Taylor Evans says she saw a number accidents while making her 46-mile commute to Burlington. “[I] saw a couple of cars off the roads on a bad accident after the Stowe-Waterbury entrance going northbound,” Evans says.

George Stone of Hyde Park said the first storm of the season always makes him a bit nervous.

Road conditions were “sloppy, really sloppy,” Evans said. “Crews are out, but people aren’t used to it yet. So they get too close that’s a big problem.

“I wish people would slow down, especially tractor trailers that are passing.”

Drivers had a few tips for navigating winter roads in Vermont. Stone recommends keeping it under 50 miles per hour on major highways like I-89, and Evans suggests investing in snow tires.

“[I] see a lot of tourists coming into the area that are using all season or summer tire,” Evans says. “This is not the condition for it. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and get yourself a pair of tires.”

Despite the potential hazards, Evans welcomed the snow

“I work in the outdoor industry….my staff and I are super psyched about winter and looking forward to it. We want more of it.”

Story has been edited with pronoun adjustments.