In a special Veterans Day segment, Vermont’s Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Gregory Knight, joined us in the studio to discuss the significance of the day and to shed light on the storied history of the Vermont Army National Guard.

The roots of the Vermont Army National Guard stretch back to the Revolutionary War, where they were known as the Green Mountain Boys. Led by Ethan Allen, who later became one of the founders of Vermont, the group has evolved over the years to play a vital role in aiding the state during various crises, including the recent COVID-19 response and the July flooding.

Knight, who first joined the Guard as an E-1, now boasts over 40 years of service. He emphasized the Guard’s adaptive nature, noting its pivotal role in times of crisis. Reflecting on his experience, Knight shared that every small sign of appreciation means everything to service members.

“I go shopping, and I wear my uniform in public; it’s the cloth of my nation, I should be able to wear it. This is what I do. It becomes a part of who we are,” said Knight. He recounted a heartwarming experience, particularly in places like Costco or grocery stores, where young kids approached him, pointing him while he was wearing his soldier outfit. In response, Knight took off his American flag and gave it to the children, inviting them to be a part of his team and assuring them that the Guard is there to serve them.

Knight emphasized the impact of a simple thank you in showing support for veterans. He expressed his anticipation for overseeing the continued partnership between Vermont and the Guard, emphasizing the importance of mutual support for years to come.