With the new Vermont State University comes changes to its sports programs and libraries.

In an email sent on Tuesday to students, faculty and staff, the university announced that starting this July, the libraries will become completely digital. This would allow students and faculty access to library resources, just no longer in an in-person format.

In terms of the change to athletics; starting in 2024, Castleton and Lyndon campus teams will continue to compete in the NCAA. But, the Johnson campus will move to the USCAA, an athletic conference home to mostly smaller colleges, and the Randolph campus will move to a club sports model. Williston students will be allowed to participate in those clubs.

Both the library and athletic decisions are upsetting school alumni and current students.

Current NVU Johnson junior Hattie Ebling wrote in an email, “Many are outraged and upset. As a student and former student athlete, I feel like my voice is not being listened to.”

We will have more on this story in the coming days.