Vermonters Participate in ‘Tax March’- Demand Pres. Trump’s Tax Returns


Around 200 Vermonters rallied in Downtown Burlington Saturday and marched down Church Street to the steps of City Hall.

Perhaps the most recognizable in attendance was former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin.

“People are really upset especially on April 15th when they are handing in their tax form and that the president of the United States breaks tradition,” said Kunin.

Protesters are convinced the president is hiding critical information from the public.

Kunin said, “Does he have conflicts of interest, does he have dealings with Russia that we don’t know about and is he honest as a taxpayer.”

Presidents are not required to share their personal tax returns. However, most have done since the 70’s.

“He had promised to show his taxes beforehand… Then he said nobody cared and so we just wanted to show him that people do care,” said Gail Kemmer, Williston Huddle organizer.

Protesters hoisted signs that read ‘The Truth Will Set You Free- Maybe’. Others called for the president’s impeachment.

“Releasing his tax returns will either put that worry to rest or reveal to us that he does have conflicts of interest that need to be taken care of,” said Alana Torraca, protester from Burlington.

Kunin says she believes the White House will hear today’s message loud and clear.

Kunin said. “I think here you see that people are really outraged that he is getting away with it… Our answer is we will not let him get away with it.”

The march in Burlington was peaceful. However, in California a brawl broke out. Berkeley Police report multiple arrests at the rally, officers also confiscated prohibited items.

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