In two weeks, hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to march on Washington the day after Donald Trump becomes President.

That crowd of protestors will include hundreds of Vermonters.

“People are just sort of so upset, just so upset. They feel the need to do something,” said Wendy Coe, a founder of the Peace & Justice Center in Burlington.

The Center focuses on racial and economic justice. It’s hosting two buses to the Women’s March on Washington scheduled for January 21st.

The Peace & Justice Center is making green patches for all Vermonters to wear at the rally.

“It just says ‘Vermont, fight fascism’,” said Coe. “Do you think Trump is a fascist?” asked Local 22/Local 44 News reporter Staci DaSilva. “Personally, yea,” Coe responded.

While Coe is working logistics for her two buses, they aren’t the ones making the trek.

“I think there’s 12 or 14 buses going from Vermont, so that represents 600-700 people. Then there’s all the people who are driving down, flying down, taking a train down,” she said.

She guesses there could be 1,000 Vermonters in DC that day.

The Women’s March on Washington Facebook page, as of Friday evening, lists 171,000 people going, another 248,000 who are interested.

“Extremely concerned. I maybe can’t express the level of concern that we have,” said Brian Shupe, executive director of Vermont Natural Resources Council, an environmental advocacy group.

He says seats on VNRC’s bus were filled in 20 minutes by employees and members.

“There’s a high level of concern which prompted us to have an interest in the first opportunity for Americans to come to Washington and say ‘we’re watching and we don’t want the type of change you’ve indicated you’re going to try to achieve,’” said Shupe.

Those against Trump may also show solidarity in other ways.

“Right now we have 1,000 RSVP’s on our Facebook page,” said Elise Greaves, a field organizer with Rights & Democracy.

Rights & Democracy is one group helping to organize the Women’s March on Montpelier, also on January 21st.

“It’s an opportunity for people, women, their allies, organizations from across the state, to come together and stand up against a lot of the rhetoric that Trump spewed during his campaign against women,” said Greaves.

Tentative plans have the Women’s March in Montpelier beginning at the high school at 1pm and lead to a unity rally on the statehouse lawn.