Vermonters protest climate change


Activists gathered at the UVM Green for a climate strike to call for change. They believe the climate crisis is linked to many other issues within the community. 

“There is an inherent intersection between racial and environmental justice and the climate crisis is the most extreme threat to human life and future life on earth,” Andrew Gigler, student at UVM said. “If it doesn’t receive immediate addressing by the local government we are going to have unsafe living conditions in the future.” 

Gigler believes one of the biggest demands on Fridays march and movement is that the F35s be grounded and removed from the Burlington Air National Guard Base. 

“There is a greater proportion of people of color and other marginalized identities that live in this area and they are the people that are most affected,” Gigler said. 

Zoe Kennedy is a student at UVM and is concerned about this. 

“The WHO stated in their report of the F35s that the noise levels are unsafe especially if you’re exposed to them for long periods of your life, it could cause hearing loss and neurological issues just because of how loud they are,” Kennedy said. 

The activists made their way to City Hall for a speakout on the issues and ended with a march to Battery Park. 

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