Vice President Mike Pence enjoyed a Vermont staple while spending Labor Day weekend on vacation in the Green Mountain State.

He arrived on Air Force Two at the Burlington International Airport on Friday afternoon.

The Vice President is said to have spent time fishing in Lake Hortonia.

He posed for a picture with a maple creemee cone at Sudbury Shoppe in Sudbury, Vt.

“I had the privilege of serving them their first and only VT Maple Creemee, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Vice President,” wrote the ice cream shoppe on Facebook.

Both of Vermont’s U.S. senators sent statements welcoming the Vice President to the state.

“We welcome the Vice President to our state and hope he enjoys his stay,” wrote Sen. Bernie Sanders in a statement.

“Marcelle and I and Governor Scott were with the Vice President and his wife in the Capitol Rotunda this morning for the sad occasion of the arrival of Senator John McCain’s casket,” wrote Sen. Patrick Leahy’s office. “I am glad to hear that they are able to now visit the most beautiful state in the country, and I hope they enjoy their time in Vermont.”