Vermont State Police are continuing their investigation into ongoing hoax bomb threats across the state, but they have not found any evidence to support that the threats are real.

Police say the threats have been made from a address, and are similar to threats made this past Sunday, Oct. 1. Although on Sunday, police said those emails were sent from various accounts originating from

According to VSP, the emails threaten critical infrastructure and resources across the state, but police did not specify the locations mentioned. No suspicious items or authentic threats have been found at any of the locations.

Police say the emails include phrases such as “Many people will die”, but also sometimes uses “souls” and “lives”.

State police say hoax threat campaigns similar to this one have been seen across the country, and frequently cause disruption to day-to-day activities in schools, places of worship, and businesses.

Vermont State Police encourage people to reach out to them if they receive an email similar to these, and to to contact them if:

  • You see a package, backpack, or any other item left unattended.
  • You witness someone taking pictures of infrastructure items, access points, or other security-related activities.
  • You witness the same car and/or person parked in a sensitive location.
  • You see behavior that strikes you as odd or out-of-place.

    You can report these by calling 844-84-TIPS (844-848-8477) or making an anonymous tip online.