Police have an update in the case of a Vermont teen missing for more than a decade.

Brianna Maitland was last seen on March 19, 2004. More than a decade later, VSP reveal they found DNA in her car.

“I’ve never seen a case like this that’s frustrated so many people,” says VSP Detective Lt. Lance Burnham Vermont State Police.

Brianna Maitland was last seen leaving work at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery in March of 2004.

Lt. Burnham says VSP receive tips about every week for this case and they follow up on all of them.

“We receive anything from I may have seen Brianna or I may have seen someone who looked like Brianna.”

Now police say they have DNA evidence from Brianna’s car, which had been found backed into a nearby farmhouse shortly after Brianna left work.

Police won’t say if the DNA is something they found recently or in 2004.

“We are leaning towards foul play at this point but we have no concrete evidence that would suggest that.”

The DNA has been tested and VSP wants those close to Brianna to remain hopeful. They say any tip could lead to more answers.

“DNA can clearly be a very valuable piece of information and we’ve used it many times to break a case wide open,” says Lt. Burnham.

Every year family and friends gather at the abandoned farm house in Montgomery where Brianna’s car was found in her remembrance.