Vt. Democrats Endorse Sanders At State Convention


Vermont Democrats gathered Sunday to plan for the National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

There was one man on everyone’s minds at the Vermont Democratic Party State Convention at the Barre Opera House.

“Vermonters have always been enthusiastic about Bernie,” said Dottie Deans, Vermont Democratic Party Chair.

In fact, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D – Presidential Candidate), received the entire convention’s endorsement Sunday.

“We did not know whether he was going to turn out to be Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream that everyone could understand and appreciate, or whether he was going to be a maple creemee, you know, beloved at home but unknown beyond the borders,” joked Bill McKibben, Sanders surrogate.

Sanders won 86% of the state’s vote on Super Tuesday.

McKibben, and the crowd at the Barre Opera House, celebrated Sanders success through the democratic nominee process.

“There has been a love affair across this nation with our junior senator and it has been an amazing thing to watch,” said McKibben.

“Vermont, today. is looked upon as one of the great progressive states in this country in so many ways and you have made that happen,” said Sen. Sanders via video message. “For Jane and for myself and for our family, we so much appreciate the kind of support that we get from back home.”

Eleven district-level delegates were chosen to head to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention: Maria Rinaldi, Mary Sullivan, Claudia Pringles, Aster O’Leary, Laura Simon, Ashley Andreas, Brian Pine, Arshad Hasan, Noah Detzer, Kevin Christie and Matthew Birong Jr.

Thirty eight percent of Vermont’s national delegates are superdelegates, who are not bound by the people’s vote.

Many of Vermont’s superdelegates pledged their support to Hillary Clinton.

“I believe that superdelegate status should be removed,” said Steve Amos, a delegate candidate from Wheelock.

“It is too abusive. It’s too excessive,” said Ken Dean, a delegate candidate from Montpelier. “It needs to change. We need to end superdelegates at the convention in Philadelphia, on the floor of the convention.”

Sunday, the Vermont state delegation passed a resolution urging the Democratic Party to require superdelegates to fairly represent the desires of the voters.

Rep. Peter Welch (D – Vermont) is a superdelegate who is supporting Bernie Sanders at the convention.

“I’m proud of the campaign that I’ve seen him run and we have turned the debate around and stood up to Donald Trump and the Republican agenda which is essentially to roll back on everything that President Obama did,” he said, adding that he believes President Barack Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest U.S. presidents.

The convention also gave statewide candidates time to rally voters.

“No more private prisons! No more for-profit prisons!” said Attorney General candidate  TJ Donovan to cheers.

“People can continue to call me a kitten with lipstick but I will not be underestimated anymore,” said Kesha Ram (D – Candidate for Lt. Governor).

Other candidates who spoke included gubernatorial candidates Peter Galbraith, Sue Minter and Matt Dunne, candidates for Lt. Governor Shap Smith and David Zuckerman, and current Secretary of State Jim Condos, who is running for re-election.

Republicans held their state convention Saturday at the Sheraton in Burlington.

To see what happened there, visit http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/vt-republicans-rally-behind-trump-at-state-convention

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