Officials in Maine have lifted a shelter-in-place order as the search for a suspect connected to the mass shooting that killed 18 in Lewiston Wed. night continues.

While at an event in East Calais, VT on Fri. afternoon, Sen. Welch was asked about the tragic events, calling it catastrophic.

Welch said, “My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones when they were at bowling when they’re just socializing with friends. This is catastrophic. We shouldn’t have assault in the hands of weapons citizens especially ones who are sick and I’ve got to do all I can to try to make progress on gun safety.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders posted on ‘X’, saying, “Another day in America, another horrific shooting. No one needs a military weapon designed to massacre people. We must ban assault weapons in the United States NOW.”

Rep. Becca Balint also made a post to ‘X’ calling for stricter gun control, saying “We don’t have to live like this. Americans deserve comprehensive gun laws that keep our communities safe.”

Authorities have scoured the surrounding woods, and hundreds of acres of family-owned property, and sent dive teams with sonar to the bottom of a river as the search continues through Fri. night.