Vtrans says don’t drive if you don’t have too


COLCHESTER, VT- With a winter storm warning in effect until 10 pm Friday February 7th, The Vermont Agency of Transpiration said dangerous driving conditions will continue throughout the night.

“Stay home bake cookies, banana bread, anything,” said District 5 Manager Dan Shepard.

Vtrans Crews will continue to work on the roads into Saturday morning. Shepard explained that all they can do at the moment is plow.

“Plow, plow, plow. It’s snowing too hard for the material to work so the best thing to do is try and keep up with it,” said Shepard.

High winds in the forecast Friday night will make for bad visibility. Shepard encourages drivers to avoid any areas where bridges cross the rivers.

“So everything that comes down is going to be blown all over the place and just driving around today without the wind blowing it is pretty hard to see more than 100 yards,” said Shepard.

While the morning started off icy the snow’s consistency will help melt some of the ice, but roads will remain slippery.

“They get it plowed off it meals off a little bit the cars will be traveling along and they can get caught in that and it pulls them from one side to the other especially on the interstate,” said Shepard.

Local 22 and 44 news spoke with some local Vermonters who were getting some last minute groceries. Many explained that they were happy for the day off, but are hoping the storm won’t last too long.

“I said yup I saw it coming I got a PTO day,” said Iain Fletcher.

Lewis huelsman said it could have been worse, “I got a snow broom so it aint too too bad but if I didn’t it would be pretty crapy.”

If you do need to drive, make sure you give yourself enough time. Also be prepared with a flashlight, food, and water.

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