The Fletcher Free Library is displaying the world’s largest ball of stickers in their front window.

Yes that’s right! A 300 pound sticker ball that was named the largest sticker ball by the Guinness World Record on November 11th, 2020.

You might be wondering, what does this have to do with reading?

Well to tie in with the world record display, the library has partnered with Burlington City Arts and the Church Street Marketplace to create a scavenger hunt.

The Fletcher Free Library Director said this event is to encourage a safe outdoor activity during a pandemic winter.

“We had heard about the company Sticky Brand that makes stickers and had put this sticker ball together and they were looking for a place to display it and again because of COVID, we can’t have people in the library for long periods of time so we’ve tried to be really creative with our window display and so we offered to display their world winning sticker ball,” said Fletcher Free Library Director, Mary Danko.

To get started you will need to get a scavenger hunt sheet from the library or their website.

For this hunt you will need to browse in windows of the library and businesses on
Church Street Marketplace.

All 8 of the clues are visible from the outside and will be posted on business windows on a blue flyer.

“Find clues about Vermonters who have set Guinness Book of World Records and then once you fill out the crossword puzzle, after you have answered all of the clues, there is one major answer that you have to give with the highlighted letters like a scramble that you have to do,” said Danko.

The completed puzzle sheets may be returned to the library for entry into a raffle. The first 50 participants to return their completed puzzle will receive a Lake Champlain Chocolate candy.

“When you are all finished you can bring it to the library you can enter to win the raffle and the raffle includes a variety of prizes including a gift certificate from Outdoor Gear Exchange and a keep Vermont weird beanie and some other fun items,” said Danko.

You’ve got a few more days to get hunting! The drawing for the winner of the raffle will be held on January 9th.