The forecast this morning will showcase smooth sailing conditions around the horn with no big travel concerns, clear visibility, and comfortable temperatures. Temperatures will start off in the 30s to low 40s across many communities, so just the light to medium jacket is needed. Lastly, the roadways are bare and dry so you won’t need to carve out any extra time for tumultuous conditions; good news all around.

The afternoon will feature lots of sunshine, highs in the middle to upper 50s, and north to south breezes of 5-10 mph. If everything breaks just right, it would not be impossible for southern Vermont and New Hampshire to experience some low 60 degree readings before the day is through. The best part about our mild day ahead is that it will remain dry.

As we navigate our way through midweek, we are monitoring a southern area of low pressure that will remain south of the area. It will spread a few rain showers into southern Vermont and New Hampshire as we move into Wednesday morning, but not much will add up. Overall, our midweek forecast pans out to be a gloomy one with increasing clouds and showers in southern zones.

Thursday, a bigger system arrives and weakens over the Great Lakes on entry into New England. That will result in heavy rain for the St. Lawrence Valley with light to moderate rainfall elsewhere. The weakening aspect of this disturbance means that it will take a couple of days to break down resulting in more off and on showers through at least Saturday. Rainfall totals still need some work, but a quick stab at them shows the heaviest amounts in NW NY with lighter amounts the farther east you go into the Champlain Valley.