It’s a busy weekend… across the community and in the atmosphere! Let break down what you need to know, and when you need to keep an eye out for storms!


A heat advisory is in place for the Champlain and Upper Valleys as heat index values reach the mid to upper 90’s! We also have the chance at breaking a 111 year old record high temperature for May 21st. That record is 92 degrees, I’m forecasting 90°

We are just as hot Sunday, as temperatures reach the upper 80’s, and dewpoints are still sticky in the upper 60’s

We finally find some relief Monday, with temperatures back in the lower 60’s and dewpoints in the 40’s


Strong to severe storms are likely for both Saturday and Sunday Afternoon.

It’s a dry start to Saturday, but as we head towards noon those storms are bubbling up. Saturday’s threat is more focused over northern communities especially along the Canadian border. Hail, strong winds, heavy rain and a lot of lightning is expected. Keep and eye to the sky from lunchtime to dinnertime for those storms to rumble through your area.

Sunday starts off just as Saturday does… quiet. But after lunch the storms begin to bubble up with the approaching cold front, more folks are likely to see showers and storms Sunday than Saturday. Because were expecting storms to roll through quickly the threat for heavy rain that could lead to flash flooding isn’t quiet as great, but still expecting strong winds, hail and frequent lightning.

Stay weather aware!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley