It’s another chilly start to the day Wednesday, as we dip back into the teens and twenties. As for wind chill, the winds will calm overnight so we may be left feeling a few degrees cooler as the kids head to the bus stop but it won’t be too far off from our actual air temperatures.

We start off with a little bit of sunshine, but clouds are rolling in quickly as our next system approaches from the west.

This system enters our region starting with a warm front, that brings in warm air into the mid levels of our atmosphere riding a top a cold air mass at the surface. That will allow for a wintry mix of sleet freezing rain and snow to fall outside of our broad valley.

Temperatures continue to warm Thursday so most spot flip to plain rain past lunch-time… in the mean time the first system starts to pull away, tapering off the rain showers towards dinner.

But as that system pulls away, another low develops along the front which brings more heavy rain in for Thursday night and early Friday morning, and we dry out after sunrise.

With another low pressure system remaining to our north spinning about, we keep the chance for a mix of rain and snow showers for both Saturday and Sunday.

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley