Different day… same weather.

If you want to find some sunshine… take a hike! No literally take a hike! We’ve got a beautiful view of the undercast and the sunshine from the Whiteface camera at above 4800′

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is the midnight forecast!

Slight change to our forecast for the weekend, Saturday’s rain is holding off (for the most part) until the evening and overnight… meaning that it’s another day of cloudy gray skies, pockets of drizzle (no wintry precip) and mild temperatures in the low 40’s.

We’re still expecting a messy forecast Sunday… and full disclaimer: this forecast could change drastically with even the smallest shift in our low pressure system… and that could mean the difference between plain rain, freezing rain or snow and how much of it you see!

The system overspreads the area as we move towards midnight Saturday night starting off as rain for most, but as colder air drains in from the north and west we start the transition to snow… starting first for the Saint Lawrence River Valley.

Eventually the cold air clear through the region and we all flip to snow showers… but by the time that happens (Sunday Afternoon) around a half an inch of plain rain has fallen in Southern Vermont.

We’re pretty certain that Southern Vermont will see all rain until the very end of this storm, and the Saint Lawrence River Valley and the North Country remains all snow…

But in between those areas is the freezing line, with a wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet setting up and slicing across the region. It’s that freezing line that really could blow the forecast with a slight jog to the north or south cutting down snow totals or bringing more than expected!

For example: Here are two runs of our weather models this morning… the first one has the freezing line further north, the second one has the freezing line further south..

Now look at the difference in snowfall totals…

But my job as a forecaster is to give you the forecast… which often times with this amount of uncertainty has to be a blend of the extremes. So here what I’m thinking!

It doesn’t really matter what you get, road conditions are going to be challenging Sunday Morning… If you don’t have to travel it might be smart to just hang out at home and ride this one out!

Behind this system we settle into an arctic air mass with Monday morning’s wind chills in the teens below zero… and afternoon high temperatures in the teens! BRRR

Happy New Year!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Haley Bouley