TGIF! We have made it to Friday after what has been a wild week of weather featuring many ups and downs including two days of thunderstorm activity. This morning, skies are beginning to clear and we are starting to dry out after our very latest cold front from yesterday. Behind that front comes not only clearer and drier weather, but also colder temperatures as we all are off and running with temperatures in the 30s and 40s.

Our Friday afternoon will feature lots of sunshine initially, but increasing clouds ahead of our next cold front will start to become apparent by the mid-afternoon. Isolated rain showers will begin to build in across the North Country late today with scattered showers spilling over into the Green Mountain and Granite States by the evening. Highs will manage the 50s and 60s ahead of that front. Southwest winds will gust upwards of 30 mph today with the exception of the North Country. That’s where wind advisories (gusts to 50 mph) and high wind warnings (gusts to 60 mph) are in place until 11 PM tonight.

As we navigate into our Easter weekend forecast, we must prepare for some active weather and colder temperatures. The cold front slowing down and sagging south across the area late tonight will likely linger through Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will be a near washout in the North Country and Upper Valley. A steady, light to moderate rain is expected in the valleys with a mix to snow in the higher elevations of the Adirondacks, Greens, and Whites. Temperatures will average the 30s in the mountains and 40s in the valleys all weekend long.

Rainfall totals today through Sunday morning will likely average 0.25″ to as much as 1″; a majority of which will fall on Saturday. As far as snowfall totals, the Adirondacks will be the big winners there with 4-8″ in the mid slopes and as much as 8-12″ in the high slopes. The mid to high slopes of the Greens and of the central and northern Whites will average a dusting to 4″. In short, be prepared to “hop” back into some wintry-like feels for Easter weekend.