New, daily disturbances will combine with the extreme heat and humidity over the next few days making for what will be a continued active, summer-like streak of weather. Speaking of which, it’s mild, muggy, and foggy start to our morning with a few leftover showers from yesterday’s low pressure system passage. Temperatures are in the 60s/70s, as are our dew point temperatures.

The afternoon will offer up partly cloudy skies and the arrival of a new cold front. Temperatures will manage the upper 80s to low 90s along with some “air you can wear” during the second half of the day. Southwest to west winds will average 5-15 mph.

The heat and humidity clashing with the cold front has resulted in a marginal risk for an isolated severe storm this afternoon through the evening commute. Those downpours and thunderstorms will remain few and far between; not everyone will experience active weather. Nevertheless, any storms that do form will likely set with the sun late this evening.

Tomorrow, a little bit more sunshine will allow for a hotter, more humid day of weather. Temperatures will soar into the upper 80s to middle 90s with dew point temperatures approaching 70°+. The combination of the hot and heavy air will result in real feel temperatures between 95° to 100°. Make sure you have ways to keep cool through midweek.