Plattsburgh mayor takes steps to help businesses re-open


Mayor read said the city is going to start implementing plans to help support local businesses. They are going to be installing park benches and picnic tables around the city so that families can order take out from a local restaurant and then enjoy that meal outside while staying safe.

Mayor Colin Read said, “Good weather is starting to come this weekend. So people can go out within a family and get some takeout and then enjoy a park. We would really encourage that.”

Clinton County has a low infection rate of just one percent. Some private groups, such as the museum, have canceled upcoming events, but Mayor Colin Read says, it’s not up to him.

“We are not going to make decisions for other groups, but we also see a lot of evidence of those other groups behaving incredibly responsibly and doing the right thing already”, said Read.

The Mayor said the biggest concern for the economy is how to open up the mom and pop shops. Some of the small shops on Main Street are retail.

Read said, “We have seen good protocols for retails. You only let a few people in the store at a certain time and flow through. Aisles going one direction and the other direction, instead of two ways. So there are ways to do retail that are safe.”

In order for the beach to re-open, the Mayor says there would have to be a lot of dramatic changes.

“It’s not a zero probability. I think that there is still hope amongst some council that we can figure out a window of opportunity to do that in the summer”, said Read.

Farmers Markets are set to re-open on May 30th. The Mayor says he supports this decisions as long as they are following all the right social distancing guidelines and staying safe.

Mayor Read also said that since they closed the library, there has been no public place for people to access the internet. So, they are going to be putting up park benches underneath the overhang at City Hall, so that people can have twenty-four-hour internet access.

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