Working towards pet friendly de-icing salt in Burlington


On January 8th, a concerned citizen of Burlington attended a city council meeting. There he voiced his concern over the product used to melt salt off walkways, and how it’s harmful to dogs (and other pets). Now, council members are taking action, and looking for an alternative, but still effective method of treating for icy surfaces.

Councilman Adam Roof tells us, the abrasive salt can allow our pets feet to suffer. “Getting salt in a contained space, it gets in between the paw pads. It can heat up well over 100 degrees,” said Roof.

Living in a city that if progressive with pet policies, it’s no wonder pet owners take there four legged kids everywhere.

“We should be as pet friendly as we can, and cognizant that owners of animals in our city do love them, and want to take the best care of them,” said Roof.

When asked about this over all idea, Roof was surprised it hadn’t been brought up sooner.

“It caught my attention, and the attention of the a few other councilors. We have been working with department of public works to look at what our current practices are,” said Roof. From here, they will need to see what changes can be made to those practices, and then look at the cost associated with it.

“The great thing about this idea, is that there are a few foundations that donate based on animal welfare,” said Roof.

Which will become helpful, he expresses the cost to retrofit current equipment to distribute the new product is unknown.

“We’re thinking the best solution through our the advice of our current supplier, would be a de-icer that that is liquid based,” said Roof. This will have lower impacts on your dog, while still being effective.

“I think this is an issue that if we address it can really have some improvements on on folks, and their pets, and every day life,” said Roof.

From here, Roof explains that he plans to take a resolution to the city council, and develop a pilot program.

If interested in getting involved with this process, Roof says to contact your local city councilor. You can find a full list here.

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