ORLANDO, FLA. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — A recent survey revealed 48 percent of people think about rising prices all the time. What stresses them out the most? Gas prices, followed by rent, mortgage, food cost and medical costs. Financial experts say inflation rates should peak this summer but rising prices could be felt by consumers for a long time. In fact, many people are already cutting back on dining out, driving, monthly subscriptions and what they’re buying at the grocery store. 

There are small steps you can take to save every day. 

By using the GasBuddy app, you can get real time info from other sticker-shocked drivers on where to find the best prices in your area. It also links your checking account to their app, so each time you fill up, you can save five cents per gallon. According to their site, most users can save 340 dollars.

Save on average 203 dollars a year with the GetUpside app. You can earn 25 cents on every gallon of gas, and up to 35 percent on restaurant purchases.  

On average, most Americans spend more than a thousand dollars a year on prescribed medications.  Good RX can help you save up to 80 percent on some drugs. But when it comes to shopping, where do you go to save money?

Capital One shopping gives you Amazon prices, but you don’t have to pay a membership fee. The app provides coupon codes that apply to your card at checkout when you’re shopping online. 

All these apps are free and can end up saving you money when you’re spending it. Experts agree the best way to save money is to know where all your money is and where it’s going.  The Mint app collects all your personal financial information in one place and allows you to see exactly where you’re spending the most and gives you tips on how to cut costs.

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Contributors to this news report include: Marsha Lewis, Producer; Roque Correa, Videographer and Editor.

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