Local 22 (WVNY) and Local 44 (WFFF) will be unavailable for over-the-air viewers Saturday while our crew from Northeastern Tower Services removes our current antenna and replaces it with our new antenna.

The new antenna will work with our new FCC assigned frequencies. The work is expected to be completed Saturday afternoon, when our over-the-air viewers will once again be able to watch their favorite programming. Some over-the-air viewers who have not been able to receive Local 22 (WVNY) and Local 44 (WFFF) since early July should be able to once again receive those stations starting Saturday night.

Viewers that were able to watch while we were on our temporary antenna will not have to rescan. However, if you lost service while we were on our temporary antenna, you should rescan to see if you can receive the signal.  

The work will not affect service to viewers who receive transmission via a cable or satellite subscription.

We apologize for the inconvenience. But once all of this heavy lifting is completed, we’ll be back over-the-air with our new antenna at our new power levels.

How to rescan your television channels to receive WFFF & WVNY

If you would like to watch this work performed, we plan to livestream the entire process on MyChamplainValley.com. You can watch as a Sikorsky CH-54B helicopter (see below) lifts the old 18,000-lb. antenna, brings it down Mt. Mansfield and hauls up the new antenna for installation.