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Which bra extender is best?

Finding a bra that fits correctly can be challenging. They can also be extremely expensive depending on what size you need, and having to buy new bras when your weight fluctuates is hardly ideal. That’s why a bra extender can be an easy and useful way to make your bras fit better. The best bra extender is Duolemi Bra Extenders 2/3/4 Hooks.

What to know before you buy a bra extender

Between Sizes

If you’re wondering whether you need a bra extender, you most likely do if you’re between band sizes. Bra sizing has a lot of variety and inconsistency, but in general if the cups fit comfortably but the band feels too tight, you might want to try an extender. 


Over time, bra extenders can potentially distort a bra. They may also negatively affect the amount of support you should be getting from the band. In general, most of a bra’s support comes from the band, so any compromise to its structural integrity can affect how the bra wears over time. However, good bras can be very expensive, so if you’re on a budget for the foreseeable future, a bra extender can be a great alternative.

Quick Fix

An extender is meant to be a quick, cheap fix. This can be especially useful in a lot of situations. It’s also a way of saving older but still loved bras for a while longer and extending their life. Just keep in mind that bra extenders are not designed to be a lifelong solution, so they’re unlikely to hold up to hard wear and tear over a long period of time.

What to look for in a quality bra extender

Number of Hooks

The number of hooks you need on an extender will largely depend on what bra or bras you need it for. However many hook and eye closures your bra has, that’s how many you’ll need on an extender. The thicker your band, the more closures it will have. This is more common on bras that offer greater support, as a thick band is far more supportive than a thin one, and takes a lot of weight off the straps. Don’t try to use a thin extender with one or two closures on a thick band, because it will probably affect how much support your bra can provide and potentially cause aches and pains in your back.


As important as the number of hooks is the length of the extender, or how long it can comfortably stretch. Some bra extenders only add half an inch to an inch, while others have elastic that can add several inches. What you should get will depend on your individual needs. If you anticipate your weight fluctuating a certain amount, consider an extender with good elastic to account for that. If you just need something quick, you probably only need a basic extender with no elastic.


Most bra extenders only come in three shades, black, white, and tan. The tan shade is meant to be a “nude” shade, but obviously it’s not going to fit most actual skin tones. You’ll have more luck just getting black extenders, or looking for companies offering a much broader selection of colors. Either way don’t expect your extender to perfectly match the color of your bra unless your bra is black, white, or tan.

How much you can expect to spend on a bra extender

Bra extenders can cost about $5-$12.

Bra extender FAQ

How much will a bra extender extend my bra?

It depends on what kind of extender you get. One with elastic can potentially add a few inches, while one without elastic may only add an inch or less. Measure your underbust and compare it to your current favorite bra’s band measurement to gauge what type of extender you need.

How do I know if my bra band is too small?

Your bra band could be so tight that your skin bulges out around it. It might also leave painful red marks on your skin after wearing your bra for a certain amount of time. 

What’s the best bra extender to buy?

Top bra extender

Duolemi Bra Extenders 2/3/4 Hooks

Duolemi Bra Extenders 2/3/4 Hooks

What you need to know: This variety pack has lots of different options in color and size.

What you’ll love: Featuring both extenders with different hooks, colors and elastic options, this set might be the easiest to get, especially if you have a wide variety of bras. This is the most versatile option.

What you should consider: Even with the variety they may not fit all your bras. Measure what bras need extending before buying.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bra extender for the money

KTOBTEL Bra Extender 3 Hooks 3 Rows Elastic

KTOBTEL Bra Extender 3 Hooks 3 Rows Elastic

What you need to know: This 4-pack has 3-hook closures to suit most bras with broad bands.

What you’ll love: With three hooks each and a sturdy piece of elastic, these extenders are comfortable to wear and will work great on wide bands so that you don’t have to sacrifice great support for a better fit.

What you should consider: They come in limited colors and the hook spacing may not work with all bras.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Wingslove Womens Bra Extender

Wingslove Womens Bra Extender

What you need to know: Perfect for small, thin bands, these extenders can add just that extra bit of room.

What you’ll love: These are great for anyone who only needs a little more length in their bra band. This would be especially useful on a brand new bra that needs time to stretch out without being uncomfortable to wear.

What you should consider: The sizing will not be suitable for every customer. Check measurements carefully before purchasing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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