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Which spy cameras are best?

You don’t have to be James Bond to find clever, useful reasons to own a spy camera. These tiny devices are small enough to fit almost any space and easy to hide out of reach. Some are even designed to look like household items. They allow you to discreetly monitor those in your home, feel peace of mind regarding your home security and even let you observe birds and animals outside your windows without scaring them off.

The G007 Hidden Spy Camera is the best option for most of these uses. Its small size allows it to fit nearly anywhere, and its wide viewing angle and HD footage provide great quality video.

What to know before you buy a spy camera

Spy camera uses

Consider what your intended purposes are for your spy camera. If you intend to monitor your property’s interior for home security purposes, you need not select a camera that is disguised as a household object, unless that’s your aesthetic preference. However, if you wish to camouflage your surveillance to catch a potential thief or ease suspicions about someone’s behavior in your home, you will be better suited by a model that blends in with its surroundings.


Think about where you intend to install your spy camera, and select a model that will be most easily accommodated by the environment. This is especially important for those designed to mimic household items, as they may seem just as conspicuous as a camera would depending on where they are placed.

How often you want to use your spy camera

Will your camera be a permanent fixture? Or will you only use it during certain times? Cameras intended for permanent home security come along with considerations regarding memory, storage and power options. Those that may only be used when strangers are working on your property, for example, will depend less on extended battery life and large storage capabilities.

What to look for in a quality spy camera


Select a spy camera that not only suits your purposes but also does not visually stand out in the area where you wish to place it. If you select a camera that is disguised as a wall clock, for example, you will want to make sure it doesn’t look conspicuously out of place amongst the rest of your decor.

Field of view

Choose a camera with the widest possible field of view. This will allow the device to record and monitor a larger area than a model with a narrower, direct field of view. The more of your property your camera is able to monitor, the more uses you will find for it.

Power options

Since many spy cameras are designed to be discreet, they often depend on battery power. Given their small size, most models can only run for a few hours before the battery dies. Keep this in mind as you consider how you will be using your device.


Most of today’s cameras are able to communicate with your smartphone via an app. These allow you to view the camera’s feed, check out stored footage and even pan and zoom on some models.


Some cameras store their footage directly to the cloud, while others require memory cards. Some models allow for either option, making them great choices for those who want flexibility when it comes to where their footage will end up.

Night vision

Spy cameras often include a night vision feature that allows them to operate even in the dark. These models are excellent for those who will be using their camera to monitor their pets, wildlife or children at night.

Motion detection

A camera that features motion detection will give you the option of only recording when its sensor is activated. Cameras that include motion detection can help save memory space as well as battery life since they will not be continually recording.

Spy camera tips

  • Keep the line of sight open. Try to avoid placing your camera on a shelf or table where people may set down items that will block its field of view.

  • Be sure to save important videos. Some camera models will record over older footage in order to avoid running out of memory. Always be sure to save and back up any critical video that your camera captures before it records over it.

  • Resolution is not critical. Many spy cameras advertise the resolution of the video they capture, but they are still limited in clarity due to the quality of their components and the diminutive size of their lenses and sensors. When it comes to spy cameras, don’t feel obligated to spend more on models that provide 4K video.

How much you can expect to spend on a spy camera

Spy camera prices range from $30 for basic models to $80 or more for those that include professional features and are disguised as household items.

Spy camera FAQ

Are spy cameras illegal?

A. The devices themselves are not illegal. The law with regard to home security cameras, however, varies by state. Generally speaking, it is not illegal to record someone who is on your private property. Any questions with regard to the legality of recording someone else for any purpose should be directed to a legal professional familiar with the laws in your area.

Can I wear a spy camera?

A. Yes. Some models might take some clever hiding to wear inconspicuously, but there are cameras available that are built into wearable sunglasses or pens that can be placed in your pocket.

Can I mount a spy camera to my dog’s collar?


A. Yes. However, if you are planning on making videos showcasing you and your pet’s adventures, you would be better served by an action camera, such as a GoPro that is designed to be used on the move under extreme conditions. 

What’s the best spy camera to buy?

Top spy camera

Sirgawain G007 Hidden Spy Camera

Sirgawain G007 Hidden Spy Camera

What you need to know: This tiny camera captures HD footage and can fit almost anywhere.

What you’ll love: Impossibly small and discreet, this camera includes a lanyard and various other attachment accessories making it a useful and flexible device. It also features motion control.

What you should consider: This camera has a very short battery life, and it does not include a memory card.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top spy camera for the money

DivineEagle USB Charger Spy Camera

DivineEagle USB Charger Spy Camera

What you need to know: Disguised as a USB charging block, this spy camera provides high-quality discretion for secret agents on a budget.

What you’ll love: This camera records in full HD and also is a fully functional USB charging block. Motion-activated, this device records to a memory card and is powered by the outlet it is plugged into.

What you should consider: Requires an outlet with a line of sight to your desired area, and it does not record audio.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

WAYMOON 4K Spy Camera Clock

WAYMOON 4K Spy Camera Clock

What you need to know: This spy camera is hidden inside a stylish clock.

What you’ll love: This camera records 4K video and uses a wide angle for optimum coverage. It blends in easily with any room or office’s decor and also includes a night vision feature. Watch the camera feed wirelessly via an app on your smart device.

What you should consider: When motion is detected, this clock makes an audible click that some users feel will give away its disguise for careful listeners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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