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Which hoodie for cats is best?

Hoodies for cats are one of the most popular feline fashion statements, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. While it’s hit or miss whether any cat will like wearing clothes or not, those that do will have an easier time staying warm and looking adorable to their human companions. 

Still, you can make it more likely that your cat will like wearing a hoodie simply by sourcing the correct size and material and thinking generally about your cat’s preferences. If you aren’t sure which hoodie to get for your cat, the Frisco Fair Isle Winter Hoodie for Cats features a beautiful hoodie design and a comfortable, fleece-lined polyester fabric that many cats love.

What to know before you buy a hoodie for cats

Your cat’s preferences

Like with any purchase for your furry friend, their preferences will be most important to consider to avoid buying something they just don’t care about. While the best cat collars are largely practical, for example, hoodies for cats tend to be more aesthetic than anything, and your cat may or may not like wearing one. Still, hoodies are really cute on cats, and it may be worth trying to convince them to like wearing them, even if they don’t at first.


Cat hoodies are pretty straightforward as products, though some do include extra features that can be useful. As one example, many cat hoodies include the iconic sweatshirt pocket, though usually located on the back instead of on the front — since the front pocket design makes more sense for humans than for cats. Other common features include a hole for routing a leash through the hoodie, inner fleece linings for added warmth or decorative elements that often act as a selling point.


Perhaps the most difficult part about finding the best hoodies for cats is getting one that properly fits your feline. Many pet hoodies tend to be designed for use by both small dogs and cats, though the easiest way to ensure a good fit is to refer to a given product’s sizing chart to cross-check it with your own cat.

What to look for in a quality hoodie for cats


The best hoodies for cats include a durable, albeit flexible and comfortable material. Typically, cat hoodies have materials commonly used in making human apparel, like polyester or cotton. You can also find a number of hoodies for cats that feature extra warm materials on the inside, which is often fleece.

Proper fit

Finding a hoodie that properly fits your cat will be key to getting your cat to enjoy wearing their hoodie. While sizing charts for hoodies are helpful to follow, you may also consider referring to a given product’s reviews before buying, to see if other buyers found the hoodies to be the right size. Reading reviews will also help you find out if they run small or large or if the holes for their legs may be slightly mismatched to the overall size.

Style and design

While material and fit are important to consider for your pet’s comfort, the overall style and design of a hoodie for cats is largely going to come down to your preferences — since your pet won’t be able to understand what they’re wearing, as far as we know.

How much you can expect to spend on a hoodie for cats

Hoodies for cats are relatively affordable, usually costing similar amounts to basic cat toys or other cheap cat toys. You can typically expect to spend $7-$18 on a single hoodie for a cat, depending on the specific kind you’re looking for.

Hoodie for cats FAQ

Do cats like wearing hoodies?

A. No two cats are the same, and while some cats do like wearing hoodies, others may not. Ultimately, it’ll be up to your cat whether they like wearing a hoodie, and even some that don’t at first will get used to them down the road, often coming around to like them.

Can hoodies for cats help keep hairless cats warm?

A. Many hairless cats benefit from wearing hoodies, as they can help keep the felines warm in place of fur. For this reason, cat hoodies are especially popular with hairless cat breeds, and may even be preferred by some cats over wearing nothing at all.

What’s the best hoodie for cats to buy?

Top hoodie for cats

Frisco Fair Isle Fleece-Lined Polyester Winter Dog and Cat Hoodie

Frisco Fair Isle Fleece-Lined Polyester Winter Dog and Cat Hoodie

What you need to know: With a winter holiday print featuring snowflakes and reindeer, this cat hoodie is the perfect pick for the winter months and includes a fleece liner and back sweatshirt pocket.

What you’ll love: Made from comfortable polyester and lined with fleece, this hoodie is a great pick for those who like fair isle print and winter-themed decorations. This cat hoodie is also available in gray or navy designs and comes in seven sizes, from extra small to 3X large.

What you should consider: This hoodie’s openings are fairly large, so some buyers found they had to go with a smaller size to get the correct fit

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Top hoodie for cats for the money

Frisco Basic Polyester Solid Color Dog and Cat Hoodie With Back Pocket

Frisco Basic Polyester Solid Color Dog and Cat Hoodie With Back Pocket

What you need to know: If a decorative print isn’t your thing for your cat, this solid-colored cat hoodie comes in multiple colors and sizes, and is cheap enough to justify buying multiples.

What you’ll love: Buyers love this cat hoodie’s price point, along with its breathable polyester fabric that feels just like a full-size hoodie. It also comes with a cool sweatshirt hood on the back and a leash hole. Available colors include black, teal, forest green, red and pink.

What you should consider: Buyers say its size tends to run small in comparison with the sizing details.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

Frisco Red Buffalo Plaid Polyester Fleece “Santa Paws” Dog and Cat Hoodie

Frisco Red Buffalo Plaid Polyester Fleece “Santa Paws” Dog and Cat Hoodie

What you need to know: If you’re hoping your cat’s hoodie will help you get into the holiday spirit, this “Santa Paws” red buffalo-plaid hoodie may be just what you need for your feline.

What you’ll love: With bold capital letters spelling out “Santa Paws” and a paw print on the back, this cute cat hoodie is affordable and stylish. It also includes a stretchable ribbing on the front for an easy fit on most animals, as well as a useful pocket and a leash hole.

What you should consider: Many buyers prefer a cat hoodie with fleece lining the inside, especially for hairless and short-haired cats.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy


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