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What guinea pig accessory is best?

Guinea pigs are intelligent and loyal pets that can learn their name and even perform tricks. Some of the most rewarding moments of being a guinea pig owner are the delighted squeaks they make when they are happy. Providing your guinea pigs with accessories will help you bond with them by keeping them happy and squeaking.

There is no better way to bond with your piggie than with some one-on-one playtime. That is why this Small Pet Playpen is our top choice for the best accessory.

What to know before you buy guinea pig accessories

Active for most of the day

You may have noticed that your guinea pig is nearly always awake when you walk by the cage. That is because while they do require sleep, they doze off during the day in a series of naps. They are most active at dusk and dawn, which is good to know for scheduling playtime. Your guinea pig may sleep up to six hours a day. Accessories are a great way of keeping them entertained during their busy day.

Guinea pigs are highly social

Guinea pigs are social creatures that can experience loneliness. In Sweden, it is illegal to own only one guinea pig because they rely on interaction so much. Solitude is not for them, so playing with your guinea pig is an important part of their life. That is why accessories like small pet beds can turn a night in with Netflix into an on-the-couch bonding session with your pet.

Easily stressed

In the wild, guinea pigs are prey animals, so their instincts are to run and hide at the slightest feeling of danger. Loud noises like a television or music frighten them, as do fast movements above their home. Accessories that make them feel safe and secure are great to consider so that your pet feels happy and safe.

What to look for in quality guinea pig accessories


Pet guinea pigs are adventurous and love to explore. Accessories like tunnels and boxes with multiple entrances and exits are great at stimulating their sense of exploration and provide great physical activity.


Your pet guinea pig needs to chew, and they love to do it. Like most rodents, their teeth never stop growing, so they have a biological urge to chew and grind their teeth down to manageable levels. The best accessory will allow them to satisfy their desire to chew.


Don’t be surprised when your guinea pig runs away and hides. It is a perfectly natural response when they get scared. They want to feel safe, and hiding makes them feel happy. An accessory that doubles as a place to hide will accomplish this.


Guinea pigs love to play and form strong bonds with their owners. Activities like foraging can provide a tasty snack during playtime. Accessories that both you and your pet can interact with will make both parties happy.

How much you can expect to spend on guinea pig accessories

Guinea pig accessories vary in price from $8-$30, depending on the style and size of the item.

Guinea pig accessories FAQ

Is a leash a good accessory for my guinea pig?

A. Guinea pigs get scared very easily and would not do well on a leash. They need access to areas where they can hide and feel safe. Also, they are at higher risk of being stepped on when leashed due to their small size.

Can I leave my guinea pig outside in its playpen alone?

A. Always supervise your guinea pig during playtime, as they can get in trouble fast. They are susceptible to high heat, so long stays outside during the summer is not advised.

What are the best guinea pig accessories to buy?

Top guinea pig accessory

Small Pet Playpen, 13-Inch

Small Pet Playpen, 13-Inch

What you need to know: This colorful playpen creates a 36-inch play area for your guinea pig to run around safely during playtime.

What you’ll love: This playpen provides just over 4 square feet of play space for your guinea pig. You can add a second playpen to create a larger area and place your accessories and cage decor inside to create an interactive space for your pet.

What you should consider: There is no top covering, so if you have other animals like dogs or cats, you will need to keep them separated from the play area. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top guinea pig accessory for money

Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Animal Bed, 10-Inch

Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Animal Bed, 10-Inch

What you need to know: The Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup gives your guinea pig a spot to cuddle up safely while you spend time with your pet.

What you’ll love: This guinea pig accessory is made of padded faux fur, making it super soft and comfortable for your pet. It is machine washable and comes with straps if you want to secure it in your pet’s habitat.

What you should consider: Your pet may chew and pull out the strands of faux fur, so you will need to watch out for that.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy and Amazon

Worth checking out

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

What you need to know: This fun tunnel can act as an extension in your pet’s cage or as a playtime hide-and-seek activity. 

What you’ll love: It can also attach to a larger pet tent made by the same company. The tunnel makes a crinkly sound as your piggie runs through the tunnel for added amusement.

What you should consider: Your pet may not like this item’s crinkly sound, as it may scare them. Other accessories that work with this tunnel are sold separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy and Amazon

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