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What are the best Mizuno golf balls?

Golf has many moving parts. Your body and the golf club synchronize to launch the golf ball into orbit. Golf gloves hold your hands firmly on the grip. Golf shoes plant your feet in place. Rangefinders measure how far away the pin is. Golf shirts and hats keep you cool and stylish. But it still starts and ends with the golf ball.

Golf balls look similar, but each one has its own features and embedded technology. Japanese-based Mizuno is a leading sports equipment manufacturer. Mizuno has a reputation for high performance golf clubs, but it only recently entered the American market with golf balls. For its aerodynamic design to thrive in windy conditions, the top Mizuno golf ball is the Mizuno RB Tour X.

What to know before you buy Mizuno golf balls

There is a limited selection  

Mizuno offers four golf balls in its American inventory. This can make it easier for the golfer to decide on which ball is best for their game. It keeps the selection process simple and helps golfers hone in on which golf ball feature is most applicable.

There is a Mizuno golf ball for each golfer

The control and distance of the golf ball is determined by many things. A golfer’s age and experience are major factors. Clubhead speed is significant for distance. Mizuno has golf balls that address distance, feel and weathering difficult conditions. 

There are advantages to being the little guy

Mizuno’s brand is not as well known in the golf ball market as other manufacturers that have been  well recognized for decades. Because they are not running million-dollar advertising campaigns, Mizuno is able to keep the cost of their golf balls affordable for the average golfer. The majority of reviews from golfers are positive with many surprised at how Mizuno holds its own against better known, more expensive golf balls.

What to look for in quality Mizuno golf balls


Mizuno golf balls have two different covers. The RB Tour and RB Tour X golf balls have a urethane cover. Urethane covers are used by skilled golfers to enhance spin. The RB 566 and RB 566 V balls have an ionomer cover, which is ideal for midlevel players who need extra feel around the green and less spin than a low-handicap golfer.


Compression is the term for how tightly wound the core threads are inside the golf ball. The compression rating increases as the threads get tighter.

  • Higher compression balls rated 100 or higher are for more skilled players with higher clubhead speeds. The RB 566 V and RB Tour X are high compression options.
  • Medium compression rated at 90 is for midlevel players that want control and some distance features. The RB Tour is medium compression.
  • Lower compression rated at 80 or under is for beginners, seniors and juniors with extra soft covers to increase feel. The RB 566 is a low compression ball.

Two-, three- and four-piece layers

Mizuno offers balls with two-piece, three-piece and four-piece layers. RB 566 is made from two layers, which is best for beginning golfers. It is a simple inner core and cover designed for distance with less spin. The RB 566 V has three layers which adds extra spin for wedge shots.

Both the RB Tour and RB Tour X balls have a fourth layer. This extra layer provides even more spin that can be used by experienced players hitting approach shots that want to hold the ball on the green. Make a thorough assessment of your ability and choose the right ball for what you need most.

How much you can expect to spend on Mizuno golf balls

Mizuno golf balls are priced between $30-$40 per dozen. These affordable options include the RB 566 and RB 566 V for $30-35, and the RB Tour and RB Tour X for $35-40.

Mizuno golf balls FAQ

Do Mizuno golf balls come in colors?

A. The RB 566 golf balls are offered in white, yellow and orange. The other balls come in white only.

How do the RB Tour X perform better in wind?

A. Mizuno spent 12 years experimenting in its factory wind tunnel to determine the best dimple design to reduce wind drag. The C-Dimple design that emerged holds passing air closer to the ball so that the trajectory is maximized and overall resistance minimized.

Do Mizuno golf balls meet USGA standards?

A. Every month, the United States Golf Association updates its list of golf balls that conform to its standards. All four of Mizuno’s golf balls meet these requirements and can be used competitively.

What are the best Mizuno golf balls to buy?              

Top Mizuno golf balls

Mizuno RB Tour X

Mizuno RB Tour X

What you need to know: Optimize your performance in windy conditions with a drag-reducing dimple design built on 12 years of wind tunnel technology.

What you’ll love: A high traction urethane cover is soft and offers great feel around the greens. A four-piece construction offers low driver spin for upward angles. The C-Dimple design strengthens trajectory and increases distance for iron shots.

What you should consider: The cover scuffs easily after several rounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Mizuno golf balls for the money

Mizuno RB 566 V

Mizuno RB 566 V

What you need to know: These affordable high performance golf balls are nearly half the price of competitive balls with the same performance features.

What you’ll love: The three-piece construction features a high-energy butadiene core that gives excellent feel and an ionomer cover for great feel around the green. The 566-D cell design extends ball flight.

What you should consider: These balls mark easily if they make contact with cart paths or trees.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mizuno RB 566 Orange

Mizuno RB 566 Orange

What you need to know: These bright orange balls are easy to follow in flight or while putting. They offer Mizuno’s 566-D cell design.

What you’ll love: Designed for beginning golfers with a two-piece construction. The ionomer cover has a soft feel and the medium spin provides extra distance. They also come in white and yellow.

What you should consider: There were reports that the covers were easily sliced after several rounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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