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Which Lego table is best for kids?

Ouch! It only takes one barefoot step on a tiny brick to decide it’s time to buy a Lego table for the kids. 

Lego tables have sprawling baseplates that give kids a suitable foundation for building projects. Many of these tables also have onboard storage or flippable tabletops that maximize the design’s work and play capabilities. The best choice is the UTEX Large 2-in-1 Kid Activity Table because it includes both features and is praised for its built-to-last design. 

What to know before you buy a Lego table

Tabletop size and shape

Lego tables have full-length baseplates that provide lots of room for building projects. These tables come in several sizes, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of both before you choose one for your home.

  • Compact Lego tables are suitable for one or two kids, but its tabletop size may be limiting. In some cases, there’s only enough room for smaller projects, not bigger Lego sets.
  • Large Lego tables are often ideal for several kids to build simultaneously or to work on bigger Lego sets together. They often have onboard storage options, too. Unfortunately, they have relatively large footprints and tend to be more expensive.

In addition to various tabletop sizes, Lego tables are available in more than one shape:

  • Square and rectangular Lego tables are ideal for kids to work on larger, sprawling projects. However, one of the pitfalls of these designs is that these tables may have sharper corners than rounded Lego tables.
  • Round Lego tables are popular for younger kids because they have smooth edges. Unfortunately, round tables are usually on the smaller side and won’t always accommodate sprawling Lego projects. 

Tabletop height

Ideally, it’s best to choose a Lego table whose height is conducive to your kid’s preferred play style. Some kids like playing on the floor or kneeling, in which a low-lying Lego table may be ideal. Kids partial to playing in seating positions may benefit from using a traditional Lego table that accommodates chairs — or comes with them.

What to look for in a quality Lego table


Like other furniture, LEGO tables are made with wood, MDF or plastic components. Each material offers benefits and drawbacks that you should consider before purchase. 

  • Wood: Wood Lego tables are considered superior in construction quality and aesthetic value. They withstand the test of time and can be passed down the generations. Given their fine craftsmanship, it comes as no surprise that they’re usually expensive. 
  • MDF: Some Lego tables are made of MDF, a wood composite, which is usually easy to clean. It’s an affordable alternative to wood that retains a similar aesthetic. These Lego tables remain popular, but it’s common for them to show signs of wear, like chipped or peeling corners. 
  • Plastic: Plastic Lego tables are popular for younger kids. They often share similar design elements to daycare or school furniture, plus they’re easy to keep clean. However, they lack the quality and stability seen in wood and MDF Lego tables.


Several Lego tables have onboard storage in the form of drawers, bins or hidden compartments. It’s considered a premium perk since it may eliminate the need to purchase storage bins or totes for Legos. However, these storage areas rarely lack dividers or smaller compartments, so it’s challenging to keep Legos organized inside them. 

Multifunctional use

A popular feature of Lego tables is multifunctional use. More often than not, these tables have flippable tabletops that transition from a baseplate to a simple, flat surface. As a result, these tables are suitable for other activities, including arts and crafts, board games, puzzles or even schoolwork. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Lego table

Smaller Lego tables made of plastic or MDF cost $40-$60. Larger designs, some of which have onboard storage, cost closer to $80. High-quality Lego tables made of wood or high-grade plastic cost $100-$225. 

Lego table FAQ

What types of Legos are compatible with Lego tables?

A. Lego tables can be used with classic Legos, though there are mixed reviews whether they’re compatible with Lego Duplo blocks or Mega Blocks. Lego tables are not compatible with other building toys, like Playmobil sets or Picasso Tiles. 

Do Lego tables come with Legos?

A. They don’t; however, some Lego tables are sold with compatible bricks that closely resemble classic Legos. These bricks typically lack the quality and overall aesthetic of classic Legos.

What’s the best Lego table to buy?

Top Lego table

UTEX Large 2-in-1 Kid Activity Table

UTEX Large 2-in-1 Kid Activity Table

What you need to know: One of the better-made options, this activity table is suitable for Lego projects as well as doodling, puzzles or board games. 

What you’ll love: Two under-table storage drawers hold plenty of bricks and toys. Assembly is relatively user-friendly compared to other wooden tables. Design is appreciated for its smooth, rounded edges.

What you should consider: Baskets may reduce the available legroom. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Lego table for the money

Humble Crew 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks Table

Humble Crew 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks Table

What you need to know: This affordable Lego table and chair set features vibrant colors and has a central storage compartment. 

What you’ll love: Made with durable, lightweight plastic that is wipe-to-clean. Modest footprint makes it suitable for smaller spaces. Comes with a flat tabletop for multipurpose use. 

What you should consider: The storage compartment doesn’t hold too many bricks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table

KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table

What you need to know: A simple, durable design with a two-sided tabletop and a deep storage compartment. 

What you’ll love: Includes 195 Lego-like bricks. The table has a large surface that allows a few kids to build simultaneously. The neutral design blends in well with most rooms or play areas.

What you should consider: The table isn’t ideal if you intend to sit on chairs while you build. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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