The Bitzee is this season’s Furby — and it will probably sell out

Nearly every holiday season, there’s an absolute must-have toy that parents search high and low for because it sells out virtually everywhere. It may only be October, but we already know what it’s going to be this year: the Bitzee, a virtual pet reminiscent of a Furby or Tamagotchi. If you want to snag one before the holidays, you may want to act fast because they’re already flying off store shelves.

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What is a Bitzee?

A Bitzee is a virtual pet toy by Spin Master. It comes in a purple clam shell case that kids can open up to reveal a 3-D, holographic pet that appears to float in midair. The display is made of a thin strip of strobing, color-changing LED lights that create the illusion of a hologram.

Each Bitzee starts out as a pixelated puppy, but as kids play with and care for them, they grow into adults and then Super Bitzees. Super Bitzees wear special outfits and unlock simple video games playable on the device. Each Bitzee toy comes with the same 15 Super Bitzees that can be unlocked over time.

Bitzee Spin Master

How do you play with a Bitzee?

Kids can play with their Bitzee by shaking and tilting the device or even gently patting the tops of the LED strips to “pet” them on the head. They can also swipe their finger along a touch-sensitive strip on the toy’s base to access basic controls. The Bitzee will make care requests that need to be fulfilled. If a Bitzee is ignored, it might pack up and drive away (but don’t worry, it can be lured back with an offer of its favorite treat).

Here’s the one downside: Bitzee devices aren’t rechargeable. They run on AAA batteries for about five to seven hours per set, so stock up on batteries if you’re getting a Bitzee.

Get a Bitzee before they sell out (plus some alternatives if it’s already too late)

Bitzee, Interactive Toy Digital Pet and Case on white background

Bitzee, Interactive Toy Digital Pet and Case with 15 Animals Inside

This is your chance to get a Bitzee. These super popular toys are generating a ton of buzz ahead of the holiday season, and there are already predictions that they’ll be harder and harder to find as the shopping season draws nearer. For now, you can snag a Bitzee (and a convenient carrying case) on Amazon.

JCHPINE Hard Carrying Case for Bitzee on white background

JCHPINE Hard Carrying Case for Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet

If you already have a Bitzee, make sure to keep it safe because you may not be able to replace it. These handy carrying cases are made to fit a Bitzee inside for safe keeping.

Purple, pink and aqua Furby on white background


This purple Furby comes with 15 fashion accessories. Long before Bitzee, Furby was the must-have holiday toy. It’s evolved a bit since the Furby fever pitch of the ’90s, but these interactive toys are still pretty cute.

Tamagotchi Original - Candy Swirl

Tamagotchi Original – Candy Swirl

Want to go with the original virtual pet? Tamagotchi is back with the original programming from 1997. Just don’t forget to feed it.

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