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Which Tesla toy cars are best?

Tesla’s electric vehicles are unlike any other cars in the world. Not only are their batteries impressive, but the interior features are enough to wow many consumers. Each car has a built-in touchscreen that can download apps and manage the entire driving experience. That being said, it’s no surprise that the popularity of Tesla has translated into toy cars. 

From Hot Wheels to remote control cars, there are several different Tesla toy cars to choose from. The best one is the Model X Diecast Electronic Car, which has fully functioning doors and lightsm plus it can move by pulling it back and letting it drive itself. 

What to know before you buy a Tesla toy car

Car types

There are six vehicle types in total from the Tesla company. The most well known version is the Model S. This is the car that made Tesla a household name. This sedan has a sleek outer look, an impressive interior and a futuristic dashboard. There’s also the Model 3, which is a more affordable and slimmed down version of the Model S. The Model X and Model Y are compact SUV Teslas. These are the cars with the Lamborghini-style doors that open upwards. 


The Cybertruck may be Tesla’s most unique and controversial vehicle to date. The mechanical features are as impressive as any other model, but the exterior is what really makes it infamous. The Cybertruck looks like the pick-up version of the DeLorean from Back to the Future. It’s all silver with jagged lines throughout. The steering wheel is also unique, as it’s square with the top portion cut off. It looks more like an aircraft or spaceship steering mechanism than one for a road vehicle.

Car features

Autopilot is the most well known feature of Tesla cars. Although you likely won’t get to experience this in a toy car, it’s still something worth noting. One feature that you will notice is the upward swinging side doors on the Model X. Most toy versions will also come with this unique feature. For those toy cars that do have functioning doors, you’ll also be able to experience the modern Tesla interior. Each Tesla includes a large touchscreen on the dashboard instead of the traditional series of buttons and levers.

What to look for in a quality Tesla toy car

Remote control

Some Tesla toy cars are battery operated. Much like actual Teslas, these remote control (RC) cars use batteries to keep them moving. The remotes are wireless and utilize a radio frequency to control the vehicle. They either come in the form of joysticks, much like a video game controller, or four buttons that move the car forward, backward, left and right. Remote controlled cars may be more expensive, but they definitely add an extra layer of fun.

Hot Wheels 

Hot Wheels are the most well known maker of toy cars. They use highly durable diecast metal that keeps cars around for years, if not decades. Hot Wheels also has official licensing deals with many car manufacturers that lets them use exact models from the makers themselves. For instance, Tesla will send their official design templates over to Hot Wheels who will then shrink the model down to a 1:64 size. All in all, if you’re purchasing a Hot Wheels Tesla, you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate model around. 

Working lights

Nothing says a quality toy car like fully functioning lights. If this is your goal, look for a battery operated car. This specific type of model car will usually have functioning lights. You’d be surprised how much quality lights can add to your Tesla toy. You’ll be able to drive the car outside after dark or in dimly lit places throughout your house. Some battery operated Tesla cars don’t need a remote to have functioning lights. In this case, the car will turn the lights on when it moves forward and the rear lights on when it goes in reverse. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Tesla toy car

Tesla toy cars cost between $16-$20.

Tesla toy car FAQ

What age are Tesla toy cars best for?

A. The most common age recommendation for Tesla toy cars are between 3 and 8 years old. If the car is not powered by batteries or requires a remote control, then you may be able to go lower than 3 years old. 

Do Tesla toy cars require assembly?

A. Most cars come pre-assembled. Hot Wheels, for example, are always pre-assembled because they are made with diecast metal. Even plastic remote control cars will already be pieced together by the manufacturer due to their electronic mechanisms inside. 

What are the best Tesla toy cars to buy?

Top Tesla toy car

Model X Diecast Electronic Car

Model X Diecast Electronic Car

What you need to know: This battery powered Tesla Model X is the perfect mix between display car and toy.

What you’ll love: It comes in five different colors including a matte pink. The car was created with diecast alloy metal and the wheels are made with actual rubber. Plus, all six doors can be opened. This Tesla uses batteries to power its lights and can roll on its own by pulling the car backwards and charging the wheels. 

What you should consider: The sound effects are of a gas powered engine and not an electric car.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Tesla toy car for the money

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck

What you need to know: With this Hot Wheels toy you can own the toy version of the yet-to-be-released Cybertruck. 

What you’ll love: This unique Tesla looks exactly like the model of the upcoming Cybertruck. The car is painted in shiny silver with black wheels and matching rims. The windows are also tinted to match the black rims and the car’s material is diecast metal.

What you should consider: The Hot Wheels Tesla is not battery powered. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tesla Cybertruck Remote Control Car

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck Remote Control Car

What you need to know: This Hot Wheels SUV version of the Tesla operates using a remote control and has long range frequency.

What you’ll love: The Cybertruck has various features that make it an impressive remote control car. It’s turbo features let you add a speed boost to the car when you’re feeling adventurous. It has a simple and easy to use controller that utilizes joysticks.

What you should consider: If you want it to run on a Hot Wheels track you’ll have to purchase it separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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