A family affair: Woodstock lacrosse brothers


It’s fairly common for siblings to play high school sports together, but Woodstock boys’ lacrosse takes it to a whole new level.

The Wasps boast four sets of brothers: Jed and Ora Astbury, Caden and Corey White, Lucas and Keaton Piconi, and Ben and Gabriel Marsicovetere.

The eight siblings are all on varsity and all get playing time. Head coach Brandon Little said all eight could even be on the field at the same time.

“We’re both on the defense so there’s a lot of teamwork and…” Gabriel Marsicovetere said as Ben interjected, “Communication. It’s kind of like how we are at home. I just yell at him to do something and he’ll either say no or he’ll do it.”

While the Marsicoveteres and Astburys are twins, the Whites and Piconis are further apart in age. Keaton and Corey are freshmen while Lucas and Caden are seniors.

I don’t really try to get in his way,” Keaton Piconi said quietly. “I respect him like all the other seniors. I don’t want to do any sprints or anything.”

For the freshman and senior brother pairs, this is a rare opportunity to play a varsity sport together.

“We were lucky enough [Corey] made it as a freshman on varsity, so this was the first time we’ve really played together.” Caden White explained. “This last year it’s kind of developed into being on the same team which has been great and really memorable.”

The brothers make a point to share their familial relationships with the entire team.

“Being brothers, you always look out for each other and always want the best for each other,” Ora Astbury said. “So, I think people seeing that between all the brothers on the team kind of helps everyone come together and be like a family and watch out for everyone.”

Woodstock boys’ lacrosse closes out regular season play Saturday, May 25 with a home contest against Burr & Burton at 11 a.m.

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