Amanda Pelkey hosts first “AMP” hockey camp in Stowe


Olympic Gold Medalist hosts hockey camp for young girls

Montpelier native and Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Pelkey hosted her first-annual “AMP” hockey camp in Stowe.

The “AMP” camp is designed to help young girls on and off the ice. A day at camp includes yoga, on ice skill development, off ice training, nutrition practices, and a goal setting workshop. AMP stands for Pelkey’s initials.

Pelkey started this camp in hopes to teach young girls the skills she’s learned both on and off the ice. Pelkey was inspired by attending a camp when she was young hosted by Martin St. Louis, skills she learned at his camp stuck with her throughout her life.

“You know, when I think back to really the only camp that I did was Martin St. Louis camp in Burlington. With it being the only camp I did, there’s a lot of little things that I picked up from him. Especially when he did the demos and coached one-on-one with me. He really told me about the little details and that stuck with me. So, just to have that affect on girls for me would make me feel like I accomplished something” said Pelkey.

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